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Hello Everyone


WOW! I have just been reading through all of your work you have been putting on here – It is amazing!

Hope you are all working hard and I look forward to seeing you soon

Love from Miss Smith x

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How are you?


Hello mates! I miss you all. My new school is big its got 3 floors and its not like my old school. I have made some new friends but none like all my friends there. I will try come to see you all soon maybe. Callum P

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Shivering cold Hiccup and his team started climbing up the humungous mountin. When Hiccup was climbing one of his team mates said,” slow coach!” but Hiccup ignored him and carried on climbing up the mountin . Even now his feet were ice cold and his hands were numb.”Come on you are only 10 feet off the ground,” said another one of his team mates.

Suddenly a loud noise came from one of the caves and they all stopped except from Hiccup because he wanted to be brave like his dad the chef. Then it stopped and every one started climbing again. When Hiccup looked down he started to panic. then the boys shout incoming snow and Hiccup definitely started to panic. All the boys ducked there until the snow had passed.                       

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Hiccup Horrendous III


” Listen up troops!” bellowed Gobber,  “Today you will be climbing up that cliff and through the right eye on the skull” he yelled.

Gobber looked down and saw the ten troopers shivering in the cold freezing air. ” Get climbing men well men-ish people! Over there  are your ropes and baskets. Oh 1 last thing don’t rip it and do not wake the 3,000 dragons or you will get eaten !!”

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While Hiccup was listening to Gobber, who had a very LOUD voice, and very strong, he roared:

“SILENT!!!” “SHUT UP!!” Roared Gobber

“Yes sir…” Squeaked Fishlegs

Despite the fact it was ultra FREEZING standing here in the cold snow, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock The III

asked: “What are we up to, anyway?”

“You are gonna catch something very, very… DANGEROUS!!!” Exploded Gobber

“Whaaat is it?” moaned Dogbreath

“A DRAGON!!!” Roared Gobber louder, this time.

“Why??” moaned Fishlegs, Lazily.

“Because,” said Gobber

“Now, you nine boys have to climb that skull rock!” He pointed at a tall, thick rock which looked like a skull at the top.

“Right, Hiccup will be leading you.”

“ARRRRGH.. not… Hiccup… Noooooo!”

“SHUT UP!!! I’m tired now!! Just go AND DO IT!!!” Stormed Gobber.

The nine boys climbed up the rock, taking half a second each step they climb.

“Why did you blow in my face, Snotface?!”

“Soorry,” moaned Snotface.

When they got inside the cave, they lit up a torch and walked around, silently.

“Don’t even make a sound!!” whispered Gobber, angrily.

“Sorry,” said Hiccup, tiptoeing.

“The dragons are asleep!” whispered Gobber

“Pick one!”

the boys chosen their young  dragons.

ARGGHHH!!! screaming Hiccup

“This one’s trying to fly away!”

He grabbed on the dragon’s leg, strongly.

“Get on it!!” Shouted Gobber

“Are you joking??!!!” shouted Hiccup loudly

“You want to train a dragon? Huh?? Then jump on him!”

“WOAAAAAAAH!!!!!!” Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the III, jumped on his first, midnight blue, young dragon.

“He is flying it!” screamed Fishlegs.

“Yes, he is.” He tamed his first ever dragon.

“Congratulations!” screamed all the children.

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At the bottom of Skull Rock Mountain it was freezing cold, it was so that cold Hiccups’ feet were changing colour from blue to purple. He stood there wiggling his toes trying to keep warm whilst everyone else was starting to climb Skull Rock. They had gone on ahead of him because they believed his was to slow and holding them back.

As Hiccup stood there trying to get warm he was also watching the others trying to climb up the rocks in front of him but then he saw a sign saying “short cut to top of Skull Rock Mountain”. He walked quickly but quietly over to the short cut so the others wouldn’t notice him.  As he walked up the steep path he could here the others getting further away. As he walked up the path it got narrower and narrower so he had to be careful and he had to climb over big rocks that had fell on to the path. When Hiccup got to the top he could see inside the cave entrance it was dark, damp and dismal. He decided to wait for the others as it looked a bit scary, he poked his head over the edge of the cliff and waved to the others…

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Hiccup was sad because Duhbrain didn’t like him.They thought that Hiccup wasn’t a really viking or very strong, And they think he is not funny. Hiccup was like a meanish good viking because they think he is mean and he thinks he is funny.

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Historical Story.


As the first Viking started to raid the ship, it started with a : DRRRRRR!! The ship started to move to the East.

“Off we go!” Shouted the Viking. On the boat there were people smiting, cooking and forging. After two hours, it was midnight. Vikings were starting to go in their bed rolls. Next day they started to move the boat and luckily nothing happened on the ship.

Suddenly there were waves starting. The Viking shouted  “We are nearly there!”   The waves were growing even MORE. The mystery island was getting closer and closer. “LOOK OUT!!!” The boat was turning upside down. “ARRRRGH!!!!” Everyone was falling into the sea.

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Historical Story


Loudly,the Vikings stomped past their families because they were busy defending against  a group of warriors,who were strong and fierce.The Viking’s their spears,swords and shields ready. “ARR!”the Viking’s shouted loudly, swinging their swords at the enemy.


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